The Podium, videos & pictures from the event.

We are not done yet!

In our gallery section we have linked to a number of pictures & videos from the event. You will find the page here >>!

Underneath is also some podium pictures from the prize ceremony, taken by Magne Kværum.

We have now sent in the results from the comp to Civl, so everybody should now have their ranking points updated. From civl I was also told that this event was the first 5 task event so far in Europe this year! This achievement, together with the results from Nordics 2010, puts Vågå on the map as a great spot for paragliding competition in Europe.

The Nordic Paragliding Open 2013 comes to an end…

Then it was over!

The end of the Nordic Paragliding Open 2013 ended with a “bang” at the prize giving ceremony in Vågå “downtown” last night.

With 65 contestants and a week with 5 tasks, whereof one task will go down into the Norwegian history books as “best ever competition day” we can conclude that this was a very successful event.

Apart from pristine competition flying we can also happily conclude that there were no accidents.

I would like to thank all the pilots for showing extremely good sportsmanship, comraderi and support during the championships.

I would especially like to thank the organisation team for their fantastic contribution and for excellent teamwork.

The organisation committee consisted of:

Arne Kristian Boiesen – “Primus” motor/weatherman/ task contribution/ web-design and more.

Ane Pedersen – Safety Director and Finance Minister

Knut Kåstad Nygard – Dept. Safety Director

Dag-Steinar Johnsen – Scoring Director and admin support

Mikael Benjamin Ulstrup – Administration Director and the keeper of “The Kings Trophy”

Arne Håkon Hillestad – Logistics Director.

Tor Åge Salamonsen – Retrieval, Supplies and Supply Chain Manager

Hans Cato Grytnes – IT, Rules & Regulations and Moral Support Manager

I would also like to thank the Task & Safety committee who in addition to Ane, Arne-Kristian and the undersigned consisted of:

Tom Salamonsen
Magnus Østerberg

In the “heat of the battle” during the prize giving ceremony last night, a special thanks to Dag-Steinar, Hans Cato and Knut was omitted, so apologies for that. So a warm thank you chaps for an excellent job and support.

So now we will now go home and analyse the feed-back given and other lessons learnt from this competition and see what we will do next…. So we may be back in 2015! Watch this space….

We can just reconfirm that the Vågå area is the best place in the world to paraglide, but remember that this is a well kept secrete so please don’t tell anyone…….

Wishing you all a wonderful summer and have a lot of good and safe flying.

Best regards

Christer C. G. Bonde

Meet Director
Nordic Paragliding Open 2013


The Winners

Yesterday we had another good task, a 55 km optimized “triangle” from Vole to Otta to Randsverk and back to Vole. We had 23 pilots in goal and pilots spread out on the whole route.

After this task, the overall score for the competition changed with Rolf Dale on the top of the list!

Last night the prize givings and a party was held at Bokhandel´n Kafe in Vågå. The following got their prizes for the Nordic Open 2013:

Nordic Open & Nordic Championship:

1 Rolf Dale NOR Ozone EnZo 39 920 979 760 989 3687
2 Ronny Helgesen NOR Ozone Enzo M 30 930 978 774 899 3611
3 Einar Bjørkaas Helle NOR Ozone Enzo 30 975 916 763 878 3562

The Nordic Open Sport Class & The Nordic Championship:

1 10 Arne Kristian Boiesen NOR Advance Epsilon 7 30 262 514 611 385 1802
2 51 David Worthington DEN UP Trango XC2 38 570 127 599 301 1635
3 56 Tonny Karlsen NOR Ozone Delta 2 30 612 542 400 1584
3 37 Jon Erik Staurset NOR UP Trango XC2 S/M 30 246 469 223 616 1584

First Ranked Woman:

1 38 Trude Øverlie F NOR UP Trango XC2 S 30 266 334 552 300 1482